How to create a checkout page for multiple products?

How to create a checkout page for multiple products?

  1. Click on the List Multiple Products button and then click on Continue.

  2. Under the Page tab, you can enter the details like page title, select category, add image or video and description as well.

  3. Now click on the Checkout tab and you can add multiple products, call to action details along with creating discounts codes. 

  4. You can add custom message, redirection link to a website. You can also add questions to ask the users about their contact details and also enable GST button to add the GST details.

  5. Click on the settings tab and you can enable the goal tracker button and fill in the details. You can also provide your contact details like email, contact number.

  6. You can add the terms and conditions, if any. You can also customize it according to the brand colours, enable dark theme button while tracking the pixels of google and meta. You can even enable the deactivate sales and community button as well. 

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