How to navigate through the Settings tab?

How to navigate through the Settings tab?

Welcome to the comprehensive guide on the settings tab. The Settings tab gives you an overview of your account details, branding and payment information. Here’s a quick guide on how to navigate through the Settings tab. This tab showcases 3 sections namely, Account, Branding and Payments.

Account: This section shows your current plan, profile information, and contact details.
Branding: Here you can set up your branding information.
Payments: This section shows your billing information, including your registered email, phone number, billing period, etc.

  • Under the Account's section, you can enter your basic information, like name, phone number, registered email address, etc.

  • This section allows you to set up your brand name and logo. The logo and color configured here will be used for your customers' account where they can access purchased products. You can upload a logo and favicon by clicking on the Upload button.

  • Enter your name, title, and bio in the provided fields along with the social media links and then click on save button.

  • Click on Add new button to add details about the certificate title, date, issue year, etc.

  • Under the Payments tab, where you can track your purchase activity, manage refunds, add invoicing information which is the information shared over invoice with your customers after a sale.

    By following these steps, you should now be comfortable navigating the Settings tab on CosmoFeed and personalizing your account details, branding, and payment information. If you have any further question feel free to browse our Help Center for more articles or contact our support team at

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